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About KISHO Glass Coating

KISHO Glass Coating is the high quality product, which is applied to a variety of electronic parts such as semiconductors and is improved for exclusively for cars. The film has various characteristics, such as heat-resistant, water-resistant, glossy, and weather resistant elements, by combining high efficiency organic groups where their molecular structure mainly based on siloxane bond (Si-O-Si). Since our product can maintain excellent film structure in different environments, it protects the film surface far longer than the past organic solvent (wax polymer).

Concept of KISHO

Our glass coating shows its excellency with its high performance value, often asked in terms of the angle of contact, hardness, retention of gloss, insulation characteristics and damp-proof quality. Among these, KISHO thinks the following 3 points + 1 point are very important.

Extremely deep gloss Absolute dust-poof quality Marvelous durability + Anybody can apply it to the car boy easily and quickly

Such measurement value as hardness 9H, angle of contact 120℃ are of course important, but which performance do these numerical values affect.
Even though the measurement values are good, if the product has bad waterproof quality and short durability, we cannot estimate its value.
We have been observing the process by practically applying our product to cars for many years.

Concept image view of the KISHO

Limitlessly deep luster

KISHO glass coating has changed the distribution of the amount of the past molecular structure and has made the 3D structure with flexibility while maintaining highly hard film structure by incorporating the new bridge combination.

Luster image of glass film
SiO2 molecules strongly attached to the body

Absolute dust-poof quality

We combine siloxane bond (Si-O-Si) as main element with organic basis. It repels both water and oil, which makes the car body full of luster for a long time.

The image of glass film that repels dirt.
Experiment using permanent marker

Wonderful durability

Siloxane bond (Si-O-Si) has high energy of combination and excels in heat-resistant quality. 3D structure glass film of glass coating of KISHO corporation has less deterioration caused by ultraviolet rays and excels in, •weather resistant quality which keeps the lusters for a long time. Besides, due to the flexibility that 3D structure has, it displays superior crack-proof quality. If it is too hard, it tends to crack.

Glass coating after hardening
Scratch resistant test using a lighter

The testing result of gloss retention

Anybody can apply it to the car boy easily and quickly

It is our idea that although the glass coating is good in quality, if it takes a long time for application and it needs special techniques, the product is not always good in reality.
KISHO glass coating requires just 1 hour for the treatment of one car.
Anybody can use our product easily and quickly.

The procedure of the application of glass coating

Comparison Test

We have compared so many products made not only in Japan but also made abroad. It is true that it is important to receive inspection and measurement of their performance in the third country, however the most important thing is to practically apply the product to cars and to observe the process for a long time. Tied up with large car dealers, we regularly compare and inspect the process using the same models, spending the same time, in the same environment and the weather.

Examples of Comparison Toyota Celsior Black (1995 model)

Toyota Celsior Black (1995 model)
Toyota Celsior Black (1995 model)
Toyota Celsior Black (1995 model)
Toyota Celsior Black (1995 model)

The report of testing result

Actual experiment is the most important, however it is also obviously important to show the measurement value in the authorized inspection organization, which affects the performance of the product.
We submit our undiluted solution of glass coating to Nippon Toryo Kensa Kyokai (The Association of Japan Paint Inspection), the General Foundation and receive testing.
The result is that we receive report that the performance of our product is that of the best and supreme standard in every function in any field.

The Report of Testing Result    Nippon Toryo Kensa Kyokai (The Association of Japan Paint Inspection)