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Regarding the sample order, samples themselves are free of charge but the shipping charge will be born (C.O.D.) by your company. Please note that we do not do our sales activity targeted at individuals.
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Privacy Policy

KISHO has prescribed the policy on the protection of personal information, established the system of the protection of personal information, and by getting all the employees to know the importance of the protection of personal information, we will promote our activity on privacy policy.

The management of personal information

KISHO keeps personal information we received from our customers accurate and the latest state, and we manage personal information in a strict way by taking security measures and other necessary steps such as maintenance of security system, arrangement of management system, and education of employees in order to prevent unauthorized computer access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage of personal information.

The purpose of the use of personal information

Personal information we have received from customers is made use of for sending e-mails and necessary data as our contact with customers and notices, and replies to inquiries.
Prohibition against disclosure of personal information to a third party
We manage personal information properly and we do not disclose it to a third party except the following cases.
*in case customers agree
*in case we disclose it to cosigned businesses to carry out service our customers want
*in case it is necessary to disclose it according to the law

Safety measure for personal information

Kisho takes all possible measures to ensure accuracy and safety of our customers' personal information.

Inquiry of Customers

If customers want inquiries, revision, or elimination of personal information, we will take care of them, after confirming the customers’ identification.

Observance and review of law and legal norms

We observe Japanese law and other legal norms applied to the personal information we have, and try to review and improve the content of this policy appropriately.


We will receive inquiries about the treatment of personal information. Please feel free to make an inquiry below if you have any questions.

KISHO Corporation
9-2 Ihozaki-Minami, Takasago, Hyogo, Japan
TEL: 81-79-449-3390
FAX: 81-79-779-3391